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Buy Plants Online in India

On any special occasion, send plants to your loved ones and see them healthy, wealthy, and happy for a lifetime. Yes, green plants are the best gift that you can give them on a special day and make them feel blessed forever. So, order plants online and make your loved ones manifest an abundance of happiness every day.

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Send Plants Online Across India via Gifola on Any Special Occasion

Gifts are special ways to express emotions. They are an excellent medium to convey all your heartfelt feelings to your dear ones without saying a word. The market is flooded with a plethora of gifting options, but, do you ever experience the magic of sending green plants as a gift to someone you love? Well, Gifola gives you this golden opportunity. You can feel the true happiness of giving a gift to your dear ones by sending plants online as a token of love. Gifola is a leading online plants nursery in India, which has a superb collection of green plants, from which, you can choose the best plant to surprise your friends and family on any special occasion.

For instance, plants like lucky bamboo, bonsai, tulsi, jade, peace lily, Syngonium, Hibiscus, money plant, snake plant, pothos, cactus, etc. are the best options to send best wishes and blessings to the close ones on any special day. They are not just a gift, but your message of love that you feel in your heart for your close ones.

Buy Plants Online for Home Decoration, Gift Giving or For Any Other Purpose

Plants have many utilities including home decoration, providing a fresh and healthy environment, purifying air, manifesting good luck, health, and wealth, making foods more healthy and delicious, and many more. Whatever your purpose is to buy plants, it will always be a fruitful decision for you. At Gifola, you will find plants of various categories such as indoor plants, outdoor plants, money plants, flowering plants, medicinal plants, succulent plants, terrarium plants, air-purifying plants, etc. So, if you would like to order home plants or money plants or any other plant from the most trustworthy gift shop near you, then Gifola will be the best choice.

We, at Gifola (a reliable online houseplants nursery) have every plant variety that can fulfill all your purposes and desires. They have an excellent capacity to give your home interiors a beautiful look. From stairs to the main door, from the kitchen to the bedroom, from the living room to the outdoor garden, you can give your home interiors a classy look with the right selection of house plants.

Spruce Up Your Home with Wonderful Home Plants

We all wish to have a beautiful home, right? Well, your such a desire can be fulfilled by the wonderful home plants. Yes, you can spruce up your interiors and exteriors with gorgeous-looking outdoor and indoor plants. The plants are wonderful home decor that not only beautifies your interiors and exteriors, but also gives you a healthy atmosphere to live. So, from today, start decorating your bedroom, living room, kitchen, study room, etc. with green plants. Order plants online in a bulk and keep them in every corner of your home. 

No matter in which state you are living, you can get the live house plants delivered to your doorstep from the best plant nursery near you. So, buy or send plants to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc. from Gifola and give your house a classy look. Buying live plants online will surely fulfill your requirement to make your home look classy. Just give them a try right away and see the magic.

Order Green Plants for Your Loved Ones and Wish Them Health and Wealth

From the heartwarming collection of plants for home decoration to mind-blowing plants for gifts giving, we, at Gifola, brought to you the facility to send gifts online in India in the form of happy and healthy plants on special occasions. For example, if it is your mom’s birthday or the auspicious occasion of Father’s Day, you can wish them health and wealth by ordering live plants online that are beautifully planted in a wonderful vase. The best thing about shopping plants online with us is that you can make plants personalised by getting names and images of your dear ones engraved on the pots. 

No matter whom you have to gift on an occasion, opting for air-purifying plants online is always the best idea to send your love, blessings, and best wishes. Such special plant gifts will light up the mood of everyone, every morning and make them start their day with an awesome smile. Not only that, but the beautiful green plants also help your dear ones in decorating their homes uniquely. The soul-soothing atmosphere all around them will fill their lives with amazing freshness and excitement. If they are living a stressful life, the green plants will help them nourish their soul and body and be refreshed after spending a hectic day at their workplace. So, buy plants and ferns online from a reliable shop and send it to anywhere in India without any hassle.

Opt for Green Plants to Make Your Special Ones Feel Truly Loved

Celebrate the occasion of love with your special ones by gifting something lucky and healthy. Yes, as you know, the importance of keeping plants all around you, avail its benefits by showing your endless love for your partner. Opt for a heart-touching way to express your love for them. Choose to order plants online for your sweetheart and make him/her realise how truly you care for them.

Well, you might gift a variety of things to your beloved on special occasions, but nothing can show your true love and care than live plant gifts. Yes, from now onwards, try to add some uniqueness to your gifting ideas and surprise your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. by offering plants for home, living room, gardens, bedroom, etc. In fact, occasions give you a chance to fill your home with some extra love and happiness. 

Not only that, but plants can double up the joy of special days like his/her birthday, your wedding anniversary, your first date anniversary, etc. So, order online birthday plants, anniversary plants, etc. from Gifola and shower your beloved with a perfect surprise gift. They will definitely appreciate it a lot.

Enjoy Online Plant Shopping From the Ease of Your Home

Whether it is an occasion of a birthday celebration or a day to congratulate an expecting mother on the occasion of the baby shower, a pleasant surprise can enhance the happiness a hundred times. If you are planning to send a healthy gift i.e. living plant gifts online to your dear ones on an occasion, then add an extra charm to your gift idea by sending it at the scheduled time. You can also send some add-ons like chocolates, cakes, teddy bears, photo frames, cushions, etc. with plants. Gifola, one of the best sites to purchase plants online, also facilitates you with the service of free delivery of plants to your doorstep. You can send plants online in India without paying a single rupee for home delivery.

Moreover, our express houseplant delivery service will help you to send plant gifts at the last minute. So, when you have a lack of time to send indoor plants online, visit Gifola’s website from the comfort of your home and place your order for a hassle-free delivery anywhere across the nation. We will deliver your order at the scheduled time. Not only this, but you can rely on Gifola to send plants as gifts on a budget. Yes, when it comes to getting the beautiful plants within budget, you will find Gifola the superior online plant nursery with free shipping facility. Because, here, we understand your emotions and the importance of creating a beautiful garden in your home. You can buy plants from us without exceeding your budget too.

So, whatever the occasion is, this time, choose plants as a gift. Order cheap plants online from Gifola and give your loved ones a special love gesture that they can keep with them for a lifetime.

Purchase Plants Online by Using the Globally Unique Ginbox Number

Along with facilitating you with all the services, Gifola has now come up with a new idea to ease your online plant shopping. Now, you can buy a plant without going through a lengthy process with the help of the globally unique Ginbox number. Generate an alphanumeric gift inbox number and pair your delivery address with it. Once you do this, you will avail of live plant delivery to your doorstep without facing any trouble. In a similar way, you can send a plant to a friend or family member by using the Ginbox number. So, ask your beloved ones to generate their personalised Ginbox number and share it with you. 

Types of Plants You Can Buy for Various Purposes:

Indoor Plants: Indoor plants are the best choices to decorate your home interiors. You can create a beautiful indoor garden by buying online plants and flowers such as jasmine plants, roses, peace lilies, and many more.

Outdoor Plants: If you want to give your outdoor garden or terrace an eye-catchy look, then buy outdoor plants from Gifola. Buy greenery online like Ficus Bonsai, Jade Plant, Hibiscus, White Rose Plant, Banana Plant, and so on.

Air-purifying Plants: If your purpose is to provide a healthy environment to your loved ones, then you must place your order for air-purifying plant delivery online. Plants that can purify the air all around you and give you a fresh and healthy atmosphere are snake plants, palm trees, Boston fern plants, and many more.

Medicinal Plants: Medicinal plants are a good choice to offer someone with a wish for their good health. You can send plants as gifts to your loved ones on any occasion. The medicinal plants that are best to buy online are tulsi, mint, aloe vera, curry plant, and so on.

Flowering Plants: Looking for the best live plants for gift delivery? Well, flowering plants are the best choice. Yes, you can buy plants online from a website and deliver them to your loved one’s doorstep anytime. So, choose plants like rose plants, peace lily plants, hibiscus plants, jasmine plants, and many more.

Now, the thing that you must know is which is the best online plant nursery to buy plants. Well, the place where you buy plants is called a nursery that helps you to choose your favourite plant from the comfort of your home. When it comes to selecting the best ones, the only name on which you can completely rely is Gifola. Gifola is a company that sends plants anytime, anywhere at a scheduled time. So, give Gifola a chance to fulfill all your needs and provide you with the best plant delivery to your doorstep.

Plants Delivery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can you suggest the best air-purifying plants I can keep in my home?

Ans, You can keep peace lily plants, jade plants, snake plants, palm trees, money plants, etc. in your home to get fresh air continuously.

2. Can I send plants across India with free shipping?

Ans. We, at Gifola, serve you with a free shipping facility while delivering plants to any corner of India.You can buy plants with free shipping anytime, anywhere from Gifola.

3. Do plants consider the best gifts for birthdays and anniversaries?

Ans. Of course, you can send plants like air-purifying plants, bedroom plants, indoor plants, etc., to your loved ones along with the best birthday or anniversary wishes.

4. How can I be aware of the care tips of the plant I buy?

Ans. While exploring plants online you will be able to read essential information regarding them. From their origination to care tips, all are well described here.

5. Can I send plants to India from abroad?

Ans. Yes, you can send live plants anywhere in India from any corner of the world.

6. Can I add more items with plant delivery?

Ans. Yes, you can go with exclusive plant combos or you can add gift items, cakes, chocolates, greeting cards, etc. to make it a perfect gift for your loved ones.

7. How can I buy plants online from gifola.com?

Ans. You can log in to our website, select your desired plant, fill-in your delivery address or search for a unique Ginbox number, and make an online payment. A few easy steps will help you to order plants online in no time.

8. Do you ensure the delivery of plants in a good condition?

Ans. Yes, we are committed to delivering plants to your doorstep in a good condition and with proper packaging.

9. At what time I expect plant delivery after my order placement?

Ans. We deliver plants in 5-7 working days after your order placement.