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How GINBOX Works?


GINBOX is a way to make gifting an easy task for you and your loved ones. By using this technique you can always feel connected to your loved ones, even not being present with them on special occasions. Well, as this technique is so exciting, its way of working is also interesting to know. So, are you excited to know about how this fabulous concept of online gifting works and how it provides you an easy way to stay tuned with your friends and family? Well, this blog will make you familiar with the whole process of sending and receiving gifts through GINBOX in a very simple language. Read it until the end.

The steps that you should follow while sending and receiving gifts by using GINBOX method are mentioned below. Let us come to know one after another sequentially.

To Send Gifts Globally

In this rapidly growing world, you and your loved ones are settled in almost every place in the world. Therefore, online gift delivery is now not limited to India only. You need to send gifts globally without facing any kind of issue or trouble, right? And the most important thing is that you all have not too much time to invest in selecting and sending gifts through a daunting process. This is why Gifola has come up with the idea of creating a unique gift inbox number. You can ask your loved ones to create a globally unique Ginbox number and share it with you for a lifetime online gift delivery to their doorstep. So, now come to know about a few simple steps to send gifts online with the help of a unique Ginbox number.

  1. You need not ask for your loved one’s address verbally or through texts or messages and fill it line by line several times. You can just find their delivery addresses by using their unique Ginbox number. 

  2. You can choose gifts from a wide array of gift items, flowers, cakes, plants, etc., loaded on Gifola’s website and select the perfect one for your dear ones.

  3. Now, follow a few easy steps for online payment, and your order is placed.

So, these are a few simple actions you will need to take to surprise your loved ones with beautiful gifts. The best thing is you can send gifts anywhere across the world N number of times without asking someone’s address.

To Receive Gifts Online Across the World

Receiving a gift from anywhere across the world is also quite easy with a unique Ginbox number. So, create a unique Ginbox number and share it with your friends and family to make gifting easier for them too. The best thing about creating and sharing your personalised gift inbox number is that they can shower you with various gifts, flowers, cakes, etc., on specific occasions and fill your heart with an abundance of love and happiness. So, if sometimes you feel alone on special occasions and festivals, just allow your loved ones to make you happy on occasions like your birthday, marriage anniversary, and other special days. Follow a few easy steps and create a unique gift inbox number.

  1. Login to Gifola’s website. Generate your personalised Ginbox number and pair it with your delivery address.

  2. Share it with your friends, family members, special ones, colleagues, business associates, etc.

  3. And be ready to receive gifts across the world on special occasions and festivals.

So, this is how the unique Ginbox number works for sending and receiving gifts worldwide. You can avail its hassle-free advantages and enjoy gifting even more.

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