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7 Different Kissing Styles and Their Meaning

You might kiss your partner several times in different styles. But, do you know the actual meaning of the kissing styles you adopt every day? This blog is here to make you know about the various styles of kisses and their hidden meaning. Well, may both of you are madly in love with each other, but sometimes a lack of knowledge about getting intimate or kissing each other can spoil your mood, right? If you would know well when and how to express your feelings to your partner will make things easier for you. Both of you can enjoy each other’s company or soft touches by feeling their emotions too. So, let us know about the different kissing styles and their meaning.

1 Angel Kiss

Kissing is sometimes beyond the feeling of intimacy. Planting a kiss on your partner is required to let them know how strong your feelings are for them. So, if it’s time to make them feel the strength of your bond, plant an angel kiss on their eyelids. Angel kiss symbolizes affection to the person who is very close to your heart.

2. Earlobe Kiss

Kissing or sucking their earlobe is a great way to drive them crazy for getting intimate with you. So, if you are in a mood to have a pleasurable intimacy with your bae, then kiss them gently on the earlobe and make them crazy about you. Such types of sensitive kisses lead to a wonderful makeout session.

3. Forehead Kiss

If you care about someone, you can show them by planting a soft and gentle kiss on their forehead. This type of kiss enhances the feelings of pure love, affection, and care between couples. You can also kiss your friends, parents, grandparents, kids, etc., on their forehead to show your true love for them.

4. Spiderman Kiss

The Spiderman style of kissing enhances the feelings of sensuality. Therefore, during intimacy, you can explore your lover’s body and give them an amazing feeling of sensuality through a Spiderman kiss. Both of you can lie on the couch and kiss each other in spiderman kissing style and make them feel excited.

5. Cheek Kiss

Kissing on cheeks is a gentle way to greet someone you love. You can plant a kiss on their cheeks for any reason or on any special occasion. Suppose it is Valentine’s Day you can offer your sweetheart a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift with a warm kiss on their cheeks that show your affection and emotion for them.

6. Single Lip Kiss

A single lip kiss is a way to arouse your partner and indulge them in intimacy. Just making both of your lips apart take theirs in between and suck gently. The feelings of sucking their lips, biting, or twisting sometimes will take them to cloud nine. They can lose control over and enjoy kissing with you completely.

7. French Kiss 

The french kiss is to stimulate the oral senses of your lover. So, if you are getting high, make your partner feel it so deeply. Show your passionate love for them by deep kissing with tongues. French kiss represents a strong intimate relationship that you have with your partner. It leads to a passionate blown out session.

So, show your passionate love for your darling ones by adopting the perfect kissing style. Your way of kissing will make them feel your love and also make them go crazy for you for sure.

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